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This month:
Good grades, low test scores - why?

Cooking Classes?

Yes.  Even Newton had to eat.


Ideas for
Parents, Teachers, Students, and Homeschoolers

Can't do the math?  Your kids still can.

Contrary to what most folks think, your children's success in math - and school - doesn't depend on your being able to help with homework. There are many more significant ways parents can help - and there are many ways parents unwittingly hurt, without ever realizing it.  We'll show you.  As the new school year begins, we're offering  workshops, seminars, and PTA programs to share this information, and solutions. Easy to arrange.   Contact us for more info.

New this falll:

Workshops on the Farm

~  Writing Well
~  Learning Like it Matters
~  Cooking Where it Grows
~  Math Without Fear
~  Testing Well & Learning More
~  Getting into College (with Joy and Sanity)
~  To Fall in Love with School
~  Halloween!
    .... and more.

Can't make it to one of our programs? 
Give a gift to yourself.  Three hours of   powerful ideas and effective strategies in Suzanne Sutton's new audiobook:ecstatic_man.jpg (47493 bytes)

How Any Parent Can Raise A Mathematically Powerful Child (even if you can't do the math)

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newtonprism.GIF (7239 bytes)Why Newton's Window?

Sir Isaac Newton stood at his window, and discovered that a simple beam of light was really composed of a spectrum of color. We hope, through our window, you'll discover the wide spectrum of what a rich and deep education can offer every child.

Created by educator Suzanne Sutton, NewtonsWindow has a simple mission: to extend the power and joy of learning to every child.

  "I used to try to get kicked out of math class - now it’s the best part of the day."happygrlcandycane.bmp (3208842 bytes)

Unlike many education sites, there are no ads here and no unseen affiliations.  Membership is free, and access to the whole site is free.   Schools and groups are welcome to link to us.  You're welcome to quote us, and use our material, as long as you identify as the source, Suzanne Sutton as author, and send us an email letting us know.

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